DALLAS - Avocados From Mexico (AFM) has unveiled Avocado Nation, a multi-area platform powered by Artificial Intelligence that allows AFM to leverage its consumers' content preferences to deliver highly personalized experiences.  

"Our AFM devotees have taught us that we feed and fuel so many aspects of consumers’ lives; Avocado Nation is a prime example of how we're using AI-technology to predict and meet our consumers' needs," said Ivonne Kinser, head of digital marketing and e-commerce at Avocados From Mexico. "Avocados have transcended from being a delicious fruit to now being seen as a pop culture icon, and we're proud to launch content and fresh ways to engage that keep avocados in this well-loved position." 

Inside Avocado Nation, avocado fans everywhere can access videos by AFM's premier content partners; get fitted with AFM's debut sportswear collection; and earn rewards for purchasing avocados through AFM's new loyalty program. 

AFM will use their Consumer Data Platform (CDP) as the core of Avocado Nation to analyze all interactions within the platform and personalize engagement per content type, per individual consumer. This information feeds into the CDP's algorithms, which then offer predictions and recommendations about what content would be more engaging for each individual user. 

"Avocado Nation was brought to life through a powerful combination of creativity and technology, something we pride ourselves in at AFM," said Kinser. "We hope consumers enjoy the platform and get the most out of their purchases of and interactions with Avocados From Mexico."