LEESBURG, IND. – A global pandemic didn’t curb consumers’ desire for flavor adventures. Market research firm Mintel found that Mexican, Italian and Chinese foods were most popular across age groups, while younger consumer tastes were shifting toward Korean, African and Middle Eastern cuisines, the research firm said in its report, “Regional and International Flavors and Ingredients: Including the Impact of COVID-19.”

Maple Leaf Farms is adapting to this trend through a new social media campaign called #ExploreDuck. The company’s social media platforms will highlight recipes, cooking techniques and other content featuring popular duck dishes from different cultures. The campaign will begin with several Asian dishes including Peking Duck, Duck Pot Stickers and Duck Baos through Chinese New Year. Other dishes that borrow from international culinary traditions will be meals like Duck a l’Orange, Arroz con Pato, Duck Poutine, Duck Shakshuka and more.

“We recognize that travel not only allows people to experience different landscapes and landmarks, but it also helps them discover different flavors and cuisines,” said Olivia Tucker, Maple Leaf Farms marketing manager. “Those who are longing for these unique experiences can join us in exploring delicious dishes from Europe, Asia, South America and beyond — all from the comfort of their own kitchen.

“Duck Baos are a new product from Maple Leaf Farms that feature a traditional soft, dumpling stuffed with roasted duck, green onions and hoisin sauce,” Tucker said. “The Baos are a bite-sized spin on Peking duck, so they are perfect for any dim sum meal or Chinese New Year’s celebration.”

As part of the #ExploreDuck campaign, Maple Leaf Farms will be featuring cuisine from a different region of the world every few weeks on the company’s Facebook and Instagram accounts. Consumers can also head to the Maple Leaf Farms website and sign up to receive the company’s newsletter with recipes from around the world.