WENATCHEE, WASH. – Valentine’s Day promotions are on the radar, and Stemilt is pushing retailers to consider Pink Lady apples as a top promotion contender.  

Pink Lady apples are known best for their bright pink skin, juicy bite and effervescent finish. The variety is slow to oxidize, making it a great apple for snacking or fresh usage, but also does well in heated applications. Its long season makes it a regular feature in the top 10 apples, making it a great apple to include in multi-variety ads, according to the company.    

“This year’s Pink Lady apple supply offers retailers plenty of opportunity when it comes to bulk and bag promotions,” said Brianna Shales, marketing director of Stemilt. “We have a range of sizes and pack types that are available both conventionally and organically, that can make a large assortment of consumers happy.” 

Stemilt offers a Pink Lady Farm + Famous paper tote bag that offers customers bulk sizes. Stemilt also offers other bag options, including the Pink Lady 5 lb. Apple Lover pack. Stemilt’s Lil Snappers program is another option for consumers who seek snack size Pink Lady apples. These 3 lb. pouch bags are ideal for all ages while driving more volume through the register than smaller pouch bag apple sizes.   

“If retailers want to boost the category as a whole, multi-variety ads featuring varieties like Pink Lady, Gala, Fuji, and Red Delicious will perform well,” said Shales. “This time of the year and into the spring months is a great opportunity to bring attention to the category as many people are working to clean up eating habits and looking for healthy, yet tasty snack options.”