Retail is the main route consumers take when buying meat and poultry products, according to the 2015 Power of Meat study. The findings of the 10th annual study, which examines consumers’ meat-purchasing patterns, were published this week by the Food Marketing Institute (F.M.I.) and North American Meat Institute (N.A.M.I.). It shed light on trends in nutrition, pricing and how the availability of products through alternative channels are impacting consumer purchasing behaviors.

For example, farmers markets generated the most occasional purchases among consumers, while on-line meat and poultry sales have growth potential. But the supermarket remains king among consumers buying meat and poultry, the study noted.

Price increases for beef and pork have consumers searching for protein alternatives, according to the study. Also, consumers are more willing to switch between proteins, cuts and brands.

Perceived health benefits of products labeled organic or “natural” have spurred growth in the natural/organic segment, according to the study. Shoppers also are influenced by trends in health and wellness and availability of nutritious meat and poultry options.