AUSTIN, MINN. — Burke Corp., a subsidiary of Hormel Foods Corp., completed a 210,000-square-foot expansion at its production facility in Nevada, Iowa.

The upgraded facility will increase Hormel Ingredient Solutions’ fully cooked meat capacity. The improvements include a new freezer system to allow for more streamlined order fulfillment, new manufacturing equipment and a multilayered safety inspection process for meat that enters the facility. The new inspection process will reduce the risk of foreign materials by utilizing X-ray, vision and metal detection systems on all incoming raw materials, said Paul Sheehan, director of sales at Hormel Ingredient Solutions.

“This new capacity opportunity allows for us to build upon our customer partnerships, continue to provide customized solutions for their needs and be able to grow alongside them,” Mr. Sheehan said.

The upgraded facility also includes several energy-saving features, including a recirculation system that reuses water from equipment cooling for cleaning purposes, waste diversion programs and energy-efficient electronic controls that allow for continuous monitoring.