As restrictions on the use of polystyrene (PS) proliferate across the United States, food processors, supermarkets and restaurant operators are looking for alternative materials for their containers, clamshells and trays.

NX UltraClear Polypropylene (PP), a low-density, easily recycled material featuring advanced clarification technology from Milliken & Company, is becoming more attractive to customers seeking greater sustainability in food packaging. Compared to paper and compostables, it offers greater usability, including see-through clarity for improved food order accuracy; impact resistance to prevent leakage; and the ability to be microwaved.

NX UltraClear PP also appeals to consumers who equate clarity with cleanliness and purity and perceive the contents of clear packaging as wholesome and of high quality.

Many packaging manufacturers have already adopted PP to take advantage of the material’s important benefits and stay ahead of changing regulations. New York City is the latest to explore an expanded polystyrene (EPS) ban, joining other major cities including Minneapolis, Portland, Seattle and Miami Beach, which have enacted various regulations regarding the material.

“As more states, cities and towns nationwide take action to restrict certain food packaging materials, manufacturers and brand owners face a dilemma,” said Emily Blair, business development manager, Milliken & Company. “At Milliken, we believe that our technology offers customers the perfect opportunity to reimagine their packaging with greater sustainability, improved ease of use and superior aesthetics. Adopting NX UltraClear PP can accomplish far more than simply addressing material restrictions. Our solution can add significant value to the consumer experience and increase brand differentiation compared to competitors.”