ORLANDO, FLA. - The US Department of Agriculture (USDA) is conducting a referendum from Sept. 21 – Oct. 9 for eligible first handlers and importers of fresh and frozen mangos to determine if they favor the continuance of the National Mango Board (NMB).  

Founded in 2005 under the Mango Production, Research and Information Order, NMB was created to increase consumption of mangos in the United States by educating consumers about the culture, flavor and nutrition of mangos and bring the industry together. Every five years the USDA is required to conduct a referendum in which industry members determine if the program should continue. 

“The mango industry is doing extraordinary work in supplying the growing demand for both fresh and frozen mango,” said Manuel Michel, executive director of the NMB. “At the same time, the NMB continues strengthening consumer awareness and increasing market penetration. These combined efforts are driving the growth of mango consumption and moving us closer to our shared vision of transforming mango from an exotic fruit to a daily necessity in every US household.” 

Over the last several years the NMB has accomplished the following: 

  • The value generated by the NMB programs over the last six years has resulted in an additional gain of $508 million for the mango industry.  

  • From 2005 to 2019, the FOB value of mango imports increased 142% from $262 million in 2005 to $635 million in 2019.  

  • National Mango Board promotion programs have contributed to increasing consumption to 3.25 pounds per capita in the U.S., a 73% increase from 2005.  

  • Mangos were ranked No. 20 in sales dollars and No. 14 in volume in the 2014/2015 Nielsen fruit rankings. Today, mangos are in the No. 17 spot based on sales and No. 12 spot based on volume for the first half of 2020.  

  • According to United Fresh Produce Association’s Fresh Insights for Foodservice Spring 2020, mango is the top growing produce side item among all fruits and vegetables with a 154% increase on menus in the last four years. 

The NMB works toward its mission through two core programs – Marketing & Communications and Research & Industry Relations. 

The marketing program targets consumers, along with retailers, foodservice, and other key audiences. The NMB works with more than 80 retail partners educating retailers on mango handling best practices and supporting retail promotions. 

The research program is designed to discover new, positive health benefits from eating mangos, improve mango eating quality and consistency for US consumers, and spread communication and education to mango growers, harvesters, packers and shippers. 

The NMB works with Ronald Ward, emeritus professor of agricultural economics at the University of Florida, to analyze the impact of the NMB programs on at-home mango purchases. NMB programs helped generated additional demand for mango, averaging an additional 18% more market penetration annually since 2015. 

For more information about what the National Mango Board does and about the upcoming referendum visit www.mango.org/vote.