DELTA, BRITISH COLUMBIA – Unifiller Systems has introduced the Sheet Cake Icing Line (SKIL), designed for industrial bakeries to automate the assembly, filling, and icing process for sheet cakes.  Designed and built with speed, accuracy and efficiency in mind, the SKIL’s computer-controlled system can store up to 100 recipes and custom production speeds, icing up to 10 sheet cakes a minute, according to Unifiller.  

For base, top and side icing, its servo depositors provide optimal spread control and reduce the need for manual touch-ups. Additional modules can be added to this base line for customized needs, including the Cake Stacker, Cake Slicer, Bordering Line and more. 

“Labor-related issues can be one of the biggest challenges for industrial bakeries. Customers looking to increase throughput rely on the typical fix, which is to add labor,” said Steven Belyea, applications manager at Unifiller. “This will result in more hands touching the product, greater inconsistencies with the end product, and people working within closer proximity to one another. Customers who have installed our Sheet Cake Icing Line have been able to reduce a large portion of their labor or repurpose it to other areas of the plant while simultaneously increasing the quality of their product and overall throughput.”