CHICAGO — Cosucra, Inc., a subsidiary of Cosucra Groupe Warcoing SA, Warcoing, Belgium, has introduced a range of pea-based ingredients in North America over the past 12 months.

Pisane M9 pea protein and Swelite C pea cell-wall fiber provide enhanced texture, water-holding capability and stability in plant-based meat alternatives.

Nastar native pea starch has applications in plant-based meat and dairy alternatives as well as baked foods and snacks. It provides gelling properties and is resistant to shearing, acid conditions and heat treatment. It is available in a neutral-tasting white powder format and in a pregelatinized format.

Other ingredients introduced to the North American market over the past year include Pisane C9, which provides the same protein content as milk in plant-based alternatives, and Pisane B9, which provides a crisp crust and moist crumb in gluten-free bread and a gourmet texture in protein-rich bars, the company said.

The ingredients were showcased at ShIFT20, where Cosucra also announced the opening of a second pea processing facility in Denmark. The new facility, located in the port of Aarhus, is part of a €60 million multi-year development program to support growth in pea protein and chicory root fiber.

“Cosucra’s commitment is to offer all consumers concerned with the future of our planet a range of natural ingredients with better taste and excellent nutritional profile,” said Eric Bosly, commercial director.