CARLISLE, PA. - The GIANT Company’s new Cook-in-Bag product line features fresh meat and seafood items already packed with flavor in an oven-ready bag for easy cooking and clean up.  

“Today’s families are busier than ever and they are looking for easy, real meals that take less time to prepare and allow for more time to spend together around the table,” said John Ruane, chief merchandising officer, The GIANT Company. “The center of the plate protein is already prepared with the Cook-in-Bag, so families just add their favorite sides to create a flavorful and balanced meal that is convenient any night of the week.” 

Available in the meat and seafood section of all GIANT and MARTIN’S stores, the serving sizes of each Cook-in-Bag vary by package. The seafood Cook-in-Bag varieties, which can only be cooked in an oven, include Mediterranean cod, lemon dill scallops, Chesapeake Bay shrimp, and bourbon salmon. 

The pork and chicken varieties, which can be cooked in the package in either an oven or a crockpot, include triple mustard & honey roast, Jamaican jerk roast, red wine & herb loin filet, Greek loin filet, garlic & herb whole roaster, garlic & herb chicken breasts, Asian teriyaki chicken breasts, sweet kickin’ BBQ chicken breasts, chimichurri chicken thighs, and carnitas chicken thighs.