JACKSONVILLE, FLA. - Food industry design and build leader Stellar is shifting to a work-from-home model for most of its employees.  

The shift will begin this fall with most employees — including those at the Jacksonville corporate headquarters and other regional offices — working from home offices, while on-site crews and essential support staff continue working at job sites.  

“This move comes at a pivotal moment as we celebrate our company’s 35th anniversary and look ahead to a new decade of change and progress both in our industry and the world,” said Brian Kappele, president and chief operating officer of Stellar. “This was a careful, strategic decision made after serious consideration by our firm’s leadership and by listening and collaborating with stakeholders across the company. It’s a monumental shift that will ultimately benefit our clients and our employees for years to come.” 

Under the new policy, employees will be permitted to work from a consistent home office location and will maintain a regular work schedule during traditional operating hours. The company will maintain ownership of its current headquarters near San Jose Blvd. and I-295 in Jacksonville.