CASTROVILLE, CALIF. – Ocean Mist Farms has earned Blue Zones Project approval of the company’s Monterey worksite after meeting 78 points on the worksite pledge and engaging 44% of company staff in a Blue Zones Project activity. 

“This is a huge accomplishment for Ocean Mist Farms,” said Lupita Renteria-Galvan, HR benefits manager and the Wellness Committee chair at Ocean Mist Farms. “Becoming an approved worksite demonstrates the commitment you have to your employees’ health and well-being. Ocean Mist Farms is recognized as a community leader in workplace wellness and joins a network of respected organizations across our community.”  

Ocean Mist Farms’ well-being initiatives and accomplishments include the following: 

  • A fitness center for all employees 

  • Five Blue Zones Parking spaces located the furthest distance from the entrance are available for employees — parking farther away is a way to easily add more physical activity 

  • Free annual onsite biometric screenings 

  • Consistent social activities for Ocean Mist Farms staff members and their families 

  • Ongoing onsite developmental workshops, seminars and/or lunch-and-learns to all employees