WENATCHEE, WASH. - Stemilt began packaging and shipping Artisan Organic apricots this month, and announced that the company’s Artisan Organic peaches and nectarines are set to hit stores in mid-July.  

“Our Artisan Organics peaches and nectarines are the epitome of summer fruit,” said Brianna Shales, senior marketing manager for Stemilt. “The Douglas family are fourth generation growers who have farmed peaches and nectarines organically for more than a decade. We’re anticipating a crop of large-sized peaches and nectarines that will also be big on classic flavors with loads of juice.” 

Shales said retailers should plan for three solid ads from the company on yellow peaches and nectarines between late July and mid-September. Stemilt expects the fruits will be smaller in size to start off the season, which provides an opportunity for retailers to carry peaches and nectarines under the Lil Snappers label geared toward kids. 

By August, the crop is expected to hit jumbo to extra-large size, ideal for Stemilt’s Top Pick program. 

“The new Top Pick pack is all about sharing the most incredible peaches and nectarines ever with shoppers,” said Shales. “Like the name implies, the fruit comes from the upper part of the tree and is bursting with flavor and vibrant colors. It’s easy to display and has a bold design to help drive impulse purchases.” 

The Lil Snappers brand comes in a 2-pound pouch bag with mesh backing and the Top Pick packs ship in a 1-layer carton weighing in at 15 pounds.