Killer Brownie, in collaboration with parent-company Dorothy Lane Market, is in the midst of its first week of production in the new 7,200-square-foot building built from the ground up. “We have enough space and proper equipment to really ramp things into full throttle,” says Scott Fox, Dorothy Lane Market Bakery and Killer Brownie VP.

With this new facility comes an increase in equipment and personnel, including a state-of-the-art warewashing machine and additional equipment that will allow for more than double current production. There’s a single shift operating at this point in time and the team is expected to grow.

The new facility is more than just a clean, crisp space specially designed to meet the needs of producing the Killer Brownie, a trademarked tradition for 26 years and a Dayton favorite that progressed to the final two in a national food bracket earlier this year. “It’s exciting that we will now have the ability to more than double our existing business as we continue to grow,” Fox says.

This new facility will support the Killer Brownie needs of all three Dorothy Lane Market locations,, and Killer Brownie retail, which has catapulted this signature item to more than 35 different companies, such as other non-competing specialty grocery stores, across the United States and Canada.