extra-aged cheese
An authentic flavor profile makes this cheese approachable for all.

Sartori Cheese is pleased to announce their Limited Edition Extra-Aged Goat Cheese will be returning to specialty cheese shops this holiday season. Over the years, this cheese has truly made a name for itself, becoming a now-famous Sartori original. Highly regarded for its approachable, yet authentic flavor profile, this mild, balanced goat cheese was crafted and patiently aged to satisfy all from the tentative taster to the artisan cheese enthusiast.   

The Limited Edition Extra-Aged Goat Cheese is only available during certain months of the year, being released each June and October, making it an even rarer delight. Cheese enthusiasts and mongers alike look forward to its bi-annual debut, as it is a perfect companion to items that are consumed during those times of the year.

"We always look forward to the return of our Extra-Aged Goat Cheese," says Chad Vincent, chief marketing officer. "It's unique and distinct flavor certainly gives traditional holiday recipes a modern twist that everyone seems to enjoy."

Sartori's Limited Edition Extra-Aged Goat cheese is available at select specialty cheese shops throughout the United States October through December.  Additionally, a limited supply of wedges will be available for purchase at the Sartori online cheese shop, www.sartoricheese.com. For recipes and pairing ideas, visit Sartori's Pairing Guide and Recipe Page.