WENATCHEE, WASH. - Since the onset of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic in the United States, retailers are taking further advantage of Stemilt’s bagged produce. 

“These are incredible circumstances,” said Brianna Shales, senior marketing manager at Stemilt. “Like other produce suppliers, we feel fortunate to be able to feed people with nutritious fresh foods – like apples and pears – during this difficult time. We’re seeing a big shift to bagged apples and pears, and retailers carrying larger bag sizes to make up for volume that typically comes through the register as bulk.” 

Bagged produce makes it easier to quickly reset quickly emptied displays, the bags are also more quickly scanned than individual apples can be. Stemilt’s bags are designed to be resealable and are made with a handle for easy carrying. They also move quickly through fulfillment centers because they are a UPC unit. 

Stemilt has seen an increase in demand for its 5-pound Apple Lover pouch bags and 3-pound Lil Snappers kid-sized pouch bags. The 5-pound bags come in different varieties of apples including gala, fuji, red delicious, golden delicious, Pinata and Pink Lady. 

“Consumers may be purchasing groceries online for the first-time, and both of our bag items are branded to market intent to the shopper to make that purchase decision easy,” Shales said. “They fit that grab-and-go need whether people are working to get groceries quickly instore or online.”