Artisan pie baker Pietisserie and Sigona’s Farmers Market are collaborating with a promotion that turns Pi Day into Pi Week. 

March 14 is internationally known as Pi Day because the date is representative of the pi symbol in mathematics noted by the number 3.14, and it’s often celebrated by eating pie. 

During the entire week leading up to Saturday, March 14, Sigona’s will promote Pietisserie pies which come in a box branded with the international pie symbol and numbers. 

“People are really passionate about the irrational beauty of pi,” says Jaynelle St. Jean, founder and owner of Pietisserie. “When I redesigned our packing last year, I saw an opportunity to seasonally incorporate the pi symbol and all those numbers into the box.  Sigona’s, which is one of the go-to grocery stores in the Silicon Valley area and a great account for us, was a natural choice as a promotional partner.” 

In addition to the pi-centric packaging display stands, instore signage, and pies priced at $3.14 will be part of the promotion.