CARLSTADT, N.J. — Citromax Group announced that its organic lemon groves, located on more than 860 acres in the foothills of the Andes, have surpassed the 100,000-tree mark. 

“Citromax Group recognizes the increased global demand for organic fruit products, so we continue to invest in our organic groves,” said Mariano Sangronis, commercial manager at Citromax and head of the company’s fresh division. “As the world’s largest organic lemon grower and processor, we now produce over 1,000 (tonnes) of high-quality organic lemon juice concentrate through sustainable production practices.”

The company has focused on organic production since 2004, when its processing plant in Tucuman, Argentina, was certified as an approved Organic Processing Facility. Its lineup of organic products includes essential lemon oils, lemon juice concentrate, not-from-concentrate lemon juice and lemon pulp cells. Its organic folded lemon oils, lemon extracts and flavors may be used in both 100% organic products and NOP-compliant products.

Citromax Flavors was one of the first flavor houses in the industry to be certified as U.S.D.A. organic. It also is kosher and allergen free.