PHILADELPHIA — AgroFresh Solutions, Inc. has released the results of an independent study on the impact of its SmartFresh technology as part of a larger effort to formalize and strengthen its commitment to sustainability.

SmartFresh is a synthetic produce quality enhancer containing the active ingredient 1-methylcyclopropene, which interacts with naturally occurring hormones in fruits to slow down the ripening process.  The study found that from 2002 to 2018, SmartFresh diverted more than 250,000 tons of apple waste. 

The study examined SmartFresh’s environmental impact in the United States, concluding that the technology has removed more than 800 million tons of carbon dioxide from the apple supply chain. In addition to making apples available year-round, the technology has lowered reliance on carbon-intensive imports.

AgroFresh said it will continue to uncover the specific environmental impacts of its portfolio while investing in new research. The next assessment will look at SmartFresh’s impact in global markets.

“Since our founding, AgroFresh has provided expertise, solutions and services that help our customers prevent food waste while reducing their carbon footprints and preserving the earth's resources,” said Jordi Ferre, chief executive officer at AgroFresh. “Now, we’re taking a deep dive to quantify our historical impact and to seek ways to improve it further. We want our customers to be aware of the long-term benefits of their partnerships with us, which extend beyond everyday business to optimize our planet's resources.”