With 60 successful years of providing chicken, delicious grab-and-go foods and proven pressure fryers to the foodservice industry, Broaster Company celebrates a milestone in 2014 with a strategic, renovated brand launch. The revitalized brands feature an updated look and feel for all promotional collateral including new packaging and POS materials, three new websites with foodservice and consumer focuses, digital menu boards available to operators, SmartTouch Controller technology on its pressure fryers and a store locator app that will make it easy for consumers to find their favorite Broaster foods in their area right from their smartphone.

“The new brand launch is a result of two years of due diligence and research – taking a deep look into the brands and understanding what we meant to our customers – Operators and consumers alike,” said Chad Vendette, Director of Marketing at Broaster. “We came to realize that our brands needed refreshing and it was time to modernize the experience. We needed to make sure that our brands were being communicated fluidly across the industry and among our devoted Consumers. It was also our responsibility to arm our sales force and Distributors for success. The launch efforts streamline everything, making our brands consistent on every level and easily recognizable to the Consumer.”

Broaster Company’s 60th anniversary set the stage in San Juan, Puerto Rico Feb. 18-20, 2014 as the rejuvenated brand was introduced to nearly 40 loyal Distributors from across the country. During the event, Broaster Company introduced the new brand elements with a trade show style, engaging with distributors on a personal level and discussing how the change will positively impact their businesses.

A booth featuring the new websites generated a stream of buzz throughout the day. www.broaster.com serves the foodservice industry and is completely revamped from the aesthetics to the user interface. The website provides detailed information discussing Genuine Broaster Chicken and Broaster Express, Broaster Foods, Broaster’s branded menu programs, as well as Broaster Pressure Fryers, Countertop Ventless fryers and other foodservice equipment such as heated display cases and warmers. The foodservice side of the website was designed with the sales force in mind offering spec sheets, sell sheets and other important information with just a click. Sales, Distributors and Operators also have in-depth access to the site where they can find equipment manuals, memos, images, sales literature and more. Furthermore, a new Point of Purchase web store eliminates complicated ordering processes giving Distributors instant access to posters, banners, table tents and other items their Operators need.

In addition to the foodservice website, Broaster introduced two consumer facing websites on www.broasterexpress.com  and www.genuinebroasterchicken.com that provide more information on Broaster Express and Genuine Broaster Chicken. From these sites, consumers can learn more about the food they love and easily find Broaster’s products in their area.

Among traditional elements of the brand launch were strides in innovative technology now available to Broaster Operators. Broaster’s Digital Menu Boards feature cutting-edge design and easy-to-use software that allows Operators to update their digital menu and prices in seconds. Broaster’s Digital Menu Boards are customizable from content to photos and are designed to fit in any environment. In addition to menu boards, Broaster has released Broaster Pressure Fryers with SmartTouch controllers that make cooking Broaster’s products as easy as a touch of the button. Another impressive technology advance that Broaster has made at this milestone is the development of a store locator app. The app is based off of GPS so Broaster fans can find the food they crave literally by tapping their smartphone screen.

“At the end of the day, our customers are the people who have come to know and love Genuine Broaster Chicken and other Broaster Foods,” Vendette added. “The re-brand efforts we put in place make it easier for our sales team, Distributors and Operators to reach those customers and keep Broaster top-of-mind in addition to making it easier for the consumer to find us.”

For over 60 years, Broaster Company has offered a license branded program to strengthen operators’ businesses and build their profits. The program does not require development fees, royalty payments or franchise fees, and provides all the food, equipment, national branding and marketing materials needed to help the Operator to be successful in offering world-famous Genuine Broaster Chicken and other delicious grab-and-go foods.

To learn more about the Broaster Company and its products visit the newly designed website at www.broaster.com