Hormel Foodservice introduces a new fully cooked patty that combines all-natural turkey, whole grain brown rice, savory roasted onion, nutritious spinach, dried cherries and celery. The thoughtful combination of these carefully sourced ingredients delivers a menu option whose time has truly come. 

These down-to-earth ingredients deliver a uniquely delicious flavor with the added benefit of being inherently nutritious.  It provides operators with an easy and interesting way to deliver something that is unique, craveable and full of flavor.

The HORMEL® FUSE™ Burger is at home anywhere on the menu.  It works wonderfully in breakfast applications, fits in alongside other burgers, and stands out as a specialty sandwich.  And because it's fully cooked, it's incredibly easy for any operation to add this all-natural option to their menu.

More information on the HORMEL® FUSE™ Burger, including nutrition and ingredient statements, can be found on the Hormel Foodservice website, http://www.hormelfoodservice.com/brands/fuse-burger.aspx