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Convenience-focused couples and families are a strong demographic driving ISB sales, but the group that skews strongest towards ISB are shoppers who tend to buy more premium products in the store, Jonna Parker, director of consumer insights, Nielsen Perishables Group, told IDDBA. They spend the most in the department and visit the most frequently, she said. Many retailers are targeting this demographic. A surprise in ISB demographics, and a group that’s often not thought of, is the healthy living lifestyle group, who don’t make a huge impact on sales, but do still buy from the department, Parker said. “Healthy living shoppers are a force in the country and a big part of the consumer demographic today. They can’t be left by the wayside. The ISB might be where they indulge,” she said. They may buy enhanced products or shop in the ISB because of product quality, particularly breads.

Healthful bakery product sales are very small, though products with attributes like whole grains and superfruits are showing sales gains. Sales of organic ISB items are relatively small at just $45 million in national sales, though they’re showing growth, Parker said. Consumers are more enthused about foods with added benefits, such as omega-3 fatty acids, than those with attributes taken out, such as low fat or reduced sugar, she said.

“When customers want to splurge, they want the best quality these days, and they are looking at labels to see if there are hydrogenated oils, preservatives, etc.,” said Jennifer Dahm, bakery merchandiser, Dorothy Lane Market.

“The ability to have fresh baked bread within five minutes combines the convenience aspect that shoppers are seeking, as well as the quality and freshness that they’re expecting from the in-store bakery,” said Matt Lally, bakery specialist, Nielsen Perishables Group. “Products that appeal to the convenience-minded shopper are playing a role in terms of snacking,” he explained.