Desserts accounted for nearly half of all bakery dollar sales during the 52 weeks ending February 23, 2013. Across the dessert category, pies had the strongest volume growth of 5.1 percent and achieved average sales of $622 per store per week nationally, up 4.7 percent from the previous year.

Fruit and lattice pies drove pie performance and accounted for 42.8 percent of all pie sales. With an increase of 4.3 percent, fruit and lattice pies generated an average of $266 per store per week. An increase of 17 percent in mini pie sales showed a continuing trend toward smaller portion sizes in the bakery.

Nationally, pie sales peaked during the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays. Thanksgiving had the highest sales with an average of $4,333 per store. During the week of Christmas, pies posted average sales of $1,655 per store per week, a 13 percent increase from the prior year. The East region topped pies sales performance among the U.S. regions with an average of $823 per store per week, which was a 1.7 percent growth. The lowest contributor to pie sales was the West region at 5.1 percent, selling an average of $534 per store per week. The South region posted the strongest growth in pies, up 10.1 percent, and an average of $571 per store per week.

This sales review is provided by Nielsen Perishables Group. Based in Chicago, Nielsen Perishables Group specializes in retail measurement, analytics, marketing communications, category development, promotional best practices and shopper insights. Reported results are for March 3, 2012, through February 23, 2013.  Results were compiled from key U.S. grocery, mass/supercenter and club chains, including 18,000 stores nationwide.

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