"This new way of shopping for groceries is unique and proven in European markets," says Sylvie Grattagliano, founder and owner of Dutyfreefood.com. "It provides a level of convenience and savings to the consumer that is not possible at a conventional supermarket."

In Europe, we have stores called "auchan drive and leader drive" where you can buy your groceries on-line and pick them up the following day.

In Europe, grocery prices are generally the same at any "supermarket drive" as in any other supermarket. However Dutyfreefood.com will be different in the United States. We will not have pick up fees and food costs will be about 30% less than supermarket prices. Further, due to the vendors we have selected, the beef and produce available to customers will be of superior quality and also never sales tax on fresh uncooked food, produce, vegetable and fruits as allowed by law nationwide.

Dutyfreefood.com does not have the overhead that is required with a supermarket. There is no big-box supermarket that requires a lot of rent.

There are no cashiers or large staffs to stock shelves. Dutyfreefood.com requires minimal customer service staff to provide a high level of customer satisfaction.

Therefore, Dutyfreefood.com is able to deliver excellent food products at 1/2 the mark-up of a supermarket.

As a mother and a business owner, I know how important it is to want top quality food for the family, and to save money. My concept is simple: you order your groceries and household items on-line and pick them up the following day at a convenient location in your neighborhood. Based upon national consumer shopping trends, shoppers will save at least $100 dollars per month at Dutyfreefood.com. Consumers will be able to choose from meats that are USDA choice and Angus beef. This is the same quality found in the finest restaurants, far better than what is available at your local supermarkets. At Dutyfreefood.com produce, meats, fruits and vegetables are delivered daily, so never does the consumer have to search for what is fresh.

Over $500 k has been invested to open the first Dutyfreefood.com store. We have built a customer interactive web site and develop a vendor network that enables us to deliver grocery and household products at a significant savings to the consumer. Our business expansion plan is to open 200 locations by the end of 2014.