Move over cupcakes and cake-pops, this season's tastiest wedding trend has officially arrived, wedding cheese cakes. Elegant wheels of California cheese stack up to create a savory spin on the classic wedding cake and offer couples a tasty way to personalize their special day.

While cupcakes, cake-pops and traditional cake will always have a celebratory role at weddings, many guests may also enjoy a savory end to the night. In fact, after dinner cheese courses are growing in popularity and are finding their place alongside the sweet offerings on many restaurant dessert menus. A California cheese cake can also be paired with sweet accompaniments to offer guests the best of both worlds. Consider serving aged Gouda paired with a rich dark chocolate or a tangy blue cheese drizzled with honey.  

"With more than 250 varieties and styles of California cheeses to choose from, a wedding or special occasion cheese cake offers the perfect way to create a dessert  as unique as the honored couple or event host," says Jennifer Giambroni, director of communications for the California Milk Advisory Board (CMAB).

The entertaining experts at the CMAB offer the following tips to help design a one-of-a-kind wedding cheese cake that showcases a couples' unique style. First, use varying size wheels and types of cheese to create a tiered cake. Work with your local cheese buyer to secure uncut wheels or squares of cheese (you can also order directly from the cheesemaker). Think about the layers and how they will look when cut open and, when deciding on the size of "cake," assume one to two ounces of each cheese per guest.

After the cake cutting, set up a buffet of real California cheeses and accompaniments. Remove each cheese onto its own platter and garnish with thoughtfully chosen accompaniments such as sweet berries and champagne grapes, or salumi and olives. Garnishes are another great opportunity for personal style and taste to stand out.

Create perfect pairings with each cheese such as blue cheese and soft gingersnaps, farmhouse cheddar and dried fruits, dry jack and dark chocolate with nuts. Wine lovers can also pair cheese with their favorite wine varietal or celebratory champagne or consider a beer and cheese pairing for a more casual affair.