Net earnings at Publix Super Markets, Inc., Lakeland, FL, increased 3 percent to 2,025.7 million in the fiscal year ended Dec. 31, 2016, equal to $2.63 per share on the common stock, up from $1,965 million, or $2.54 per share, in fiscal 2015.

Publix’s sales for the fiscal year ended Dec. 31, 2016, totaled $34 billion, up 5 percent from $32.4 billion in fiscal 2015.

“I’m proud of our Publix associates — the owners of Publix — for continuing to make us a leader in our industry and providing a great shopping experience,” said Todd Jones, president and chief executive officer.

Publix operated 1,136 supermarkets at the end of 2016, compared with 1,114 at the beginning of the year. In 2016, 32 supermarkets were opened (including seven replacement supermarkets) and 156 supermarkets were remodeled. Ten supermarkets were closed during the period.

New supermarkets added 1.3 million square feet in 2016, an increase of 2.4%. At the end of 2016, Publix had 774 supermarkets located in Florida, 184 in Georgia, 63 in Alabama, 57 in South Carolina, 39 in Tennessee and 19 in North Carolina. Also, at the end of 2016, the company had 12 supermarkets under construction in Florida, seven in North Carolina, four in Virginia, two in Alabama, two in Tennessee, one in Georgia and one in South Carolina.

Publix supplies its supermarkets from eight primary distribution centers located in Lakeland, Miami, Jacksonville, Sarasota, Orlando, Deerfield Beach and Boynton Beach, FL, and Lawrenceville, GA. The company operates six manufacturing facilities, including three dairy plants located in Lakeland, Deerfield Beach and Lawrenceville; two bakery plants located in Lakeland and Atlanta; and a deli plant located in Lakeland.