According to a new report from Capgemini Consulting’s Digital Transformation Institute, retailers could face a big challenge thanks to the convenience of online shopping.

The report “Making the Digital Connection: Why Physical Stores Need a Reboot,” says shoppers are seeing less value and pleasure in the physical retail experience. The study — which included 6,000 consumers and 500 retailers — says one-third of consumers would rather clean dishes than visit a retail store.

Consumers now expect a physical retail experience to replicate what they can find online. That includes expecting goods to be in stock and being able to choose from multiple delivery options. More than 71 percent of consumers say they find it difficult to compare products in a retail store while 66 percent are annoyed by long lines at checkout. High numbers of respondents also said promotions the receive in-store aren’t relevant and that they simply can’t find the product they want.

 And while 81 percent of retail executives see the physical store as important, less than half of consumers (45 percent) agree.

“Shoppers are increasingly disconnected with the in-store experience, and it’s easy to see why,” says Mike Petevinos, global head of consumer products and retail at Capgemini Consulting. “Most physical shops remain stubbornly ‘offline,’ unable to offer the speed, flexibility and sheer east of use that consumers take for granted on websites.”

The study says 75 percent of consumers want to check availability of product in stores before visiting while more than half (57 percent) want retail stores to evolve to social spaces or provide learning or inspiration.

Ways to respond, suggested by the report, include: meshing the convenience of a website or app into a physical store; making the store visit a social and inspiring experience; empowering store associates with digital tools; and transforming the store through digital operations.

The full report can be found here.