NEW ORLEANS — PetVet Dx, part of the FarmVet Dx division, announced on April 23 it is the only laboratory offering avian influenza PCR test to birds and people in the United States and Canada.

“Farmers can test their entire houses, so the next day, birds can go through their lifecycle and be transported to commercial packing plants,” said David Kutrucz, chief executive officer of PetVet Dx.

PetVet Dx highlighted the timeliness of the test, as outbreaks of highly pathogenic avian influenza (HPAI) persist and have spread to other species like dairy cattle.

The PCR test is applicable to several species, the company noted.

“We can also test other livestock, including those on cattle and swine farms, as this outbreak extends to other species,” Kutrucz said. “Our FarmVet Dx telehealth services support rapid medical services for both humans and livestock. FarmVet Dx’s veterinary experts can save farms, lives and your annual bottom line. We promise you to ‘never say never’ in treating ailments that may be causing pets' pain.”

Testing for employees is also available through PetVet Dx. Companies can test their team members with nasopharyngeal or saliva testing. PCR results can be ready by the next day, with medication options if the test comes back positive.

“We want to prevent America’s egg and poultry market from shutting down,” said Shane Power, president of FarmVet Dx. “FarmVet Dx has thus made it a priority to have a solution to test both people and birds.”

The first report of HPAI infecting a person since 2022 occurred in Texas last month. According to the Texas Department of State Health Services (DSHS) the virus was likely passed from direct exposure to dairy cattle presumed to be infected with the HPAI strain. The person experienced eye inflammation as their only symptom.