PORTLAND, ORE. — Franz Bakery is expanding its portfolio of gluten-free bread in honor of Celiac Awareness Month (May).

The new selections include sourdough, brioche and rye flavored varieties. Franz also said these new bread offerings are vegan and contain no nuts, soy, dairy, egg or high-fructose corn syrup.

“Based on customer feedback, we found that a longer, more generous slice was desired and we are thrilled to share these new loaves,” said Victoria Krabill, director of marketing at Franz. “New Franz Gluten Free Deli Style loaves feature a generously sliced deli-style cut, creating the perfect base for avocado toast, piling on deli meats and veggies for lunch, or berries and chocolate drizzle for dessert.”

Franz first launched the gluten-free bread lineup for dedicated gluten-free bakeries in 2012.