Today’s customer has an adventurous, multi-cultural palette that doesn’t just want plain old cold cuts anymore, but deli meats embellished with unique flavors. And these tasty applications aren’t just good for drawing in new customers — Greg Dauria of Enterprise Food gives us five reasons why it may behoove you to think sweet, be it by fruit or good, old-fashioned caramelized sugar:
  • Sweet flavors can actually enhance the savory aspects of a deli meat’s taste, much like a dash of something spicy can bring out more subtle seasonings
  • Sweeteners can offer a smoky taste without actually having to smoke the meat, meaning less investment and more profit
  • Using a sweetener as opposed to heating elements ensures a higher consistency of flavor
  • Even if you still want to slow roast or smoke your meats, a dash of sweetener can help maintain precious nutrients that are often lost in the heating process
  • Sweeteners like these boast the ability to be free of many hot-button product label words, like sulphite, preservative, gluten and GMO