It's time to raise your celebrations to new heights. Envy is the ultimate choice for sharing and enjoying during the holidays.

Envy is the apple to share and savor. Whether you slice to serve on a platter, use in your favorite holiday recipes, or bite, in their perfect, original form, Envy Apple has it all.

"The remarkable qualities of the Envy Apple and its innovative and appealing marketing presence are delivering unparalleled adoration and helping retailers significantly increase sales while giving their customers what they crave. Envy is the ultimate holiday apple," says Cecilia Flores-Paez, Head of Marketing, North America at Envy.

The satisfyingly crisp crunch, uplifting, fresh aroma, and balanced sweetness create an entire experience that captivates your senses - making them ideal for the season of joy.

 "Envy is also perfect for gifting." notes Cecilia, "Rich red with a subtle gold blush, they make thoughtful and healthy holiday gifts for friends and family."

"For further inspiration, there's a variety of new and delicious recipes to choose from, ranging from everyday delights to seasonal and holiday gatherings, all conveniently accessible on our Envy website," Cecilia highlights. "We've brought together a selection of recipes to enhance every gathering."

Here are some Envy-licious examples that will leave you and your guests craving more:

Envy Apple Bliss Cups

Delight your guests with this divine dessert. With a mix of sophisticated sweetness and rich creaminess, this exquisite blend of Envy Apples and favorite flavors is sure to impress. Visit our website for the full recipe: Envy Apple Bliss Cups.

parfait with apple slicesSource: Envy

Festive Envy Platter

Building on the Butter Board trend, this healthier and oh-so-tasty version is the perfect way to enhance your celebrations. Find the complete recipe here: Festive Envy Platter.

butter board with slices of applesSource: Envy

Make-Your-Own Merry Envy Pops

For a playful and delectable treat, try the Make-Your-Own Merry Envy Pops. These delightful, refreshing popsicles offer a unique way to enjoy Envy apples. They're the perfect treat for the whole family, making them a must-have at holiday gatherings. See the recipe at this link: Make-Your-Own Merry Envy Pops.

red apple next to donut-shaped apple slices with icing on sticksSource: Envy

This holiday season, share the magic of Envy apples. Whether you're a lover of fine fresh produce, a dedicated foodie, or wish to serve your friends and family something special these holidays, Envy Apples are the one. Join us in celebrating the joy of taste, texture, and best of nature with Envy.

Elevate your holidays, and make every moment memorable with Envy – The Ultimate Apple Experience. Learn more about Envy Apples here.