As we seek to make each moment more memorable, Envy stands out as the ultimate apple experience. It's a masterpiece of nature and grower expertise that has captivated consumer preferences across the US and beyond. Envy is raising expectations of what an apple can be.

Cecilia Flores-Paez, Envy Head of Marketing, North America, proudly asserts, "Envy combines balanced sweetness, satisfying crispness and crunch, a fresh and uplifting aroma, with a beautiful rich red and subtle gold blush appearance." And these remarkable qualities are just the beginning of what sets Envy apart.

A Record-Breaking Success Story

Envy is a success story that's consistently growing. This top-performing apple brand is setting new standards in the industry. "Envy's frequency and buy rate outperform the category," explains Cecilia, adding, "When you try Envy, it's a full sensory experience you want to repeat again and again."

Triple-Digit Growth in Key Markets

In the top ten key markets, Envy's growth is outpacing the apple category and premium segment, and the results are nothing short of impressive. "Chicago and Minneapolis are showing a triple-digit increase. Envy's expansion is a testament to its unmatched appeal," notes Cecilia. “Envy is on the way to becoming the household favorite. It's a trend that shows no signs of slowing down."

Highly Desirable Shoppers

Envy shoppers are also in a league of their own. "Envy shoppers are extremely valuable to the category," Cecilia highlights. "They shop more often and spend more, making them a much coveted segment. Envy is raising the standards beyond what anyone anticipated."

A Global Impact

Envy isn't just adored in the United States; it's capturing hearts around the globe. Envy exports are outpacing the Washington apple industry, and consumers worldwide are discovering Envy Apple’s extraordinary qualities. "Envy has a unique appeal in every region we ship to," says Cecilia. "Across the States and in international markets, Envy is setting records and enchanting customers on an unprecedented scale."

Supporting Your Success

The Envy Apple sales and marketing team provides strong and innovative brand and promotional support to help retailers succeed. "49% of apple consumers look for in-store and online promotions when shopping," Cecilia explains. "Envy's premium quality and high-value marketing promotions and partnerships help you tap into consumer demand, creating a win-win scenario for you and your delighted shoppers.”

With superior apple qualities, passionate brand loyalty, year-round availability, and a steady sales growth trajectory, it's a valuable addition to your fresh produce section. Take advantage of the opportunity to offer your customers the apple that has it all - Envy.