Record-keeping rules are more important than ever in the daily operations of your bakery business, given this year’s arrival of new food safety regulations from the federal government.

To help you achieve the highest possible standards, equipment manufacturers are introducing new products in the fields of washing and sanitation to ensure your bakery maintains compliance.

Douglas Machines now offers optional data loggers on their full line of pan and rack washers for the bakery industry. Data loggers monitor cycle times, wash and rinse temperatures and pressures.

With this option, operational data is automatically recorded and is downloadable to a USB port or to a computer using an Ethernet connection. This makes it convenient for bakers to validate washing and sanitizing processes in order to comply with new rules in the Food and Drug Administration’s Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA).

According to Kevin Lemen, vice president of marketing for Douglas Machines, “bakeries have always been motivated to invest in our automated washing equipment in order to save time, labor and water when compared to washing by hand. The new trend, however, is to expand on these benefits and use machines equipped with data loggers to reduce food safety hazards, document operation and ensure compliance with food safety regulations.”