In Supermarket Perimeter's May 2023 issue, we highlighted three innovative products that are new to the fresh perimeter. You can read this story and more in our digital issue here.

La Brea Bakery

La Brea Bakery’s new bakery brioche bun is a plant-based bread that embodies the same hallmark buttery flavor and tender crumb of a traditional brioche. The bun has the same rich, mildly sweet flavor as the brand’s original brioche, and is hearty enough to hold up to sandwich builds, according to the company.

Country Archer Provisions

Country Archer Provisions’ new snack line, Zero Sugar Smoked Sausages, which comes in two flavor profiles, uses real ingredients that include a premium blend of 100% grass-fed beef from pasture-raised sources and cuts of natural, antibiotic-free pork with no added preservatives, MSG, nitrites or nitrates. The Original flavor uses natural smoke and spices, including cracked pepper and garlic. The Fuego flavor features a blend of red and white pepper, habanero, and chili powder.


Novolex’s new Power Prep wrap for grab-and-go hot sandwiches and other freshly made foods is laminated and insulated to keep food tasting fresh as it moves from the freezer to thawing and re-heating, and while it’s held under heat at the point of sale. Power Prep uses non-fluorinated oil-and-grease-resistant paper that is laminated to a liner using a honeycomb pattern that creates an insulated layer.