Establishing a brand for yourself is crucial in any market, said Bryan Shelton, vice president of sales and marketing for Giorgio Fresh Co.

A company with eye-catching branding increases the perceived value by the consumer and will often influence the purchases of those products. Branding, Shelton said, acts as the first impression of your product. As a company, and in any industry, making a positive first impression with your potential audience is vital.

Part of the fresh mushroom industry’s brand power is its unique role in the “healthy” space.

giorgio mushrooms in packagingSource: Giorgio Fresh Co.


“All fresh produce has healthy attributes,” Shelton said. “What pushes mushrooms to the top is their ability to provide alternative solutions to non-meat eaters. This gives them a broader consumer base over other fresh produce on the shelf.”

Branding, he added, is important to not only showcase an individual company but to give consumers the assurance they need to know that you’ll provide a trustworthy and consistent product.

“Branding has always played an important role in a successful business. With the influx of social media usage today, consumers are exposed to new brands every day. Providing attention-grabbing and memorable branding will allow your products to stand out in the vast sea of advertising.”

The superior quality of Giorgio products has always come first and foremost for Giorgio and been central to the company’s brand identity, Shelton said.

Giorgio is committed to leading the category with innovative products, and the company is actively investing in R&D and consumer insights to bring new products to market that are aligned with consumers’ needs and busy lifestyles.

For example, Shelton said, take Giorgio’s bold-flavored stuffed mushrooms.

giorgio stuffed mushroom productsSource: Giorgio Fresh Co.


“There’s a unique flavor to fit everyone’s pallet, and they’re convenient, too. The packaging is microwavable, so consumers can easily heat and serve.”

Stuffed mushrooms are very popular among consumers, especially since more consumers cook at home now, Shelton said.

The newest addition to Giorgio’s stuffed category is Garlic Parmesan. The lineup features six other varieties: Imitation Bacon and Cheddar, Imitation Crab Seasoning, Artichoke & Spinach, Fiesta, Mediterranean and Buffalo Blue Cheese. All are offered in a convenient microwavable tray.

In recent years, Shelton said, interest in plant-based protein options has skyrocketed. Giorgio research indicates that plant-based alternatives are outpacing traditional protein sources. Research has also found that substituting mushrooms for lean ground meat in an entrée just once every week would save almost 20,000 calories in one year.

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