Soozie's Doozies, of Union, MO, the creator of the first and only pre-cut refrigerated cookie dough in a stand up pouch, has achieved patent pending status on this revolutionary innovation.  Soozie's Doozies refrigerated cookie dough is all natural and non-GMO. The added pouch window gives a fresh appearance and instantly conveys the tastiness that awaits inside this new packaging format.

Recognizing that Non-GMO is one of the fastest growing claims on food packaging, Soozie's Doozies uses only Non-GMO ingredients. Consumers concerned about the potential link between Alzheimer's and the consumption of aluminum baking powder will be pleased to learn that Soozie's Doozies proprietary cookie dough formula does not contain this ingredient—setting Soozie's Doozies apart from the big brands in the refrigerated cookie dough category.

"One of the major hurdles was to make the cookie dough without aluminum baking powder, which is an ingredient in refrigerated cookie dough that makes the cookies spread during baking. A lot of people get concerned when they find out that there is aluminum in most brands of refrigerated cookie dough," says Olivia Kelvin, president of Soozie's Doozies.  "Another major hurdle was to make cookie dough pieces that do not stick together and maintain their identity in the refrigerator."

The St. Louis-born, woman-led company has taken the brand from regional to national status within six short months of their new product launch.  The cookie dough pouches were introduced in the Midwest region in September 2015 and the brand has since expanded to the East Coast and Southwest, with a total presence in 800+ stores. The cookie dough is manufactured by Soozie's Doozies in their 16,000 sq-ft facility in the greater St. Louis area, utilizing a proprietary cookie dough forming process. This process creates perfectly portioned pieces with a fresh color appearance, conveying quality and stoking the appetites of consumers through the pouch window.

Soozie's Doozies currently is available in 4 flavors:  Chocolate Chip, Oatmeal Raisin, Sugar, and Double Chocolate, with new flavors being added to the successful product line soon.