COVID forced a whole new segment of US consumers to change their grocery shopping habits from purchasing in store to purchasing their groceries online.

Research shows that these grocery shopping behavioral patterns will continue to rise as US consumers continue to adjust to post-pandemic life. That’s why it’s more important than ever that e-grocers have a strategic partner that can provide them with solutions for their same-day home delivery and curbside strategies.

One such partner is Netherlands-based Niverplast, whose e-grocery solutions help e-grocers move beyond manual picking.

“Experts expect that 90% of the purchases will be made via the internet by 2040,” said Niverplast’s Freek Jan Plas. “So even though we are not experts in economic forecasting, we do believe that the amount of e-grocery users/orders will continue growing.”

For Niverplast customers, speed is a critical pillar of their processes, Plas added. They often apply the ‘ordered today, delivered tomorrow’ principle. It’s usually not only about the best product, but about achieving the best service and customer experience.

“The trick is to keep the lead times during packaging as short as possible, so automation is a must,” he said. “Niverplast wants to unburden the e-grocery partners by automating their de-stacking / bag placing, so they can focus on their core business, fulfilling the online order of the end customers.”

Improving operations, enhancing time-to-market capabilities and finding ways to reduce overall manufacturing costs are among the ways Niverplast, which has US offices in Gainesville, Ga., helps its clients in e-commerce, according to the company.

Picnic, Kroger, Nemlig, KNAPP and Jumbo are among the retailers who have tapped Niverplast to automate their facilities. In today’s marketplace, Niverplast believes, e-grocery automation is no longer an option, it’s a necessity for survival and future growth.

“Our goal at Niverplast is to deliver the best high-quality e-commerce packaging solutions for the e-grocery channel in the United States,” said Mark Finneran of Niverplast USA. “As we move beyond COVID and return to normal, we know that consumers will continue to shop online and drive the need for our solutions at an accelerated rate.”

Niverplast offers e-grocers a suite of packaging machine solutions that can virtually handle any type of product from its line of machines that include:

TriPlast – A high-quality multiple bag placement solution that places up to 54 bags per minute. Places three bags into one tote, bin, or box. 24/7 non-stop production and guaranteed lowest total cost of ownership.

SinglePlast – Speeds up to 25 bags per minute. Easy and simple to operate and allows 24 hours of non-stop production.

EasyPlast – A high quality automatic bag placement solution that places up to 25 bags per minute into a crate or box that stores 1000 bags at a time. 24/7 non-stop production and guaranteed lowest total cost of ownership.

PaperBagger – A high-quality automatic paper bag placement solution suited to place multiple bags in a tote, bin, or box. Capacity of up to 12-34 bags per minute with innovated packaging technology and design.

Niverplast also creates automatic packaging lines that combine packaging technology and manual labor for flexible, ergonomic and cost efficient solutions for packing food manufacturers products into a bag-in-box.

Packed by weight and/or manually by count, checked for metal, packed in a sealed bag and ready to be shipped, all of Niverplast’s solutions are designed to reduce manufacturing downtimes and overall manufacturing cost.