A new innovative cut from Springdale, Ark.-based Tyson Foods  that’s disrupting the value-added meat category with its unique shape and tender eating experience is a boneless pork loin griller steak that rolled out this spring.

Another item that recently launched for Cinco de Mayo is Tyson’s street taco kit. Consumers have an increased desire for both Asian and Latin flavors, and this unique offering, said Rikki Ingram, director of fresh meats marketing, captures the trending street food craze at home.

Other meal kit offerings introduced this spring include a hibachi style beef stir-fry kit with noodles, an Italian style beef marinara and a cheesy beef melt kit.

“Value added isn’t just a dollar figure,” Ingram said. “Its importance spans both consumers and retailers. The perceived value can show up in many different ways – for example, as consumers’ desires change, so do the retailer’s needs, and it’s our job to evolve with those changes and ensure we continue to provide relevant and beneficial solutions.”

Some of the top factors driving consumers to purchase value-added meats are time savings, more flavorful options, and “just something different,” Ingram said.

“From the pandemic, we have seen the eating habits of consumers evolve with more experimentation and cooking at home. Consumers are still enjoying meals at home but are looking for those convenient options that are delicious, flavorful, and quick.”