LEAMINGTON, ONT. — Organic mushroom grower Highline Mushrooms has made a commitment to work toward a circular economy with its packaging and transition to 100% recycled rPET clear plastic tills.

“Highline Mushrooms recognizes the plastic concerns in our industry and the need for immediate change,” the company said. “We must look for better and more environmentally friendly answers to protect the environment and future generations to come. Even the smallest steps add up as innovation and science continue to bring new ideas in plastics and recycling to the forefront.”

According to Highline, the new mushroom packaging will include a PET top film, making the entire package 100% recyclable.

“At Highline we pack close to 100 million tills of mushrooms per year, so we need to be conscious of the environmental impacts and strain we have on our planet,” said Kelly Hale, vice president of sales, marketing, and distribution. “We are committed to making positive changes today for a greener tomorrow, as we pack our sustainably grown mushrooms.”

Highline emphasized that the switch to fully recycled rPET plastic is something that can be done immediately. To lead by example, the company showcased its new line of rPET tills at the Canadian Produce Marketing Association (CPMA) tradeshow April 26-27 in Toronto.