ORLANDO — Share-ify, a cloud platform that specializes in compliance, food safety and quality assurance, has introduced a new service for product inspection called Ver-ify.

According to the company, Ver-ify’s technology provides quick and easy product inspections for compliance at receiving and shipping. The service can be used for both finished foods and materials in any category that follows USDA grading standards in a specified product category, such as meat or fresh produce.

“We are excited to enhance the Share-ify platform with our new Ver-ify inspections tool to help companies more completely assess the performance of products in the supply chain” said Angela Nardone, COO. “In today’s landscape of food safety requirements, the Ver-ify system will be highly valuable in both the receiving and shipping realms.”

Part of Ver-ify’s convenience is due to its available mobile app.

The system provides scare cards to evaluate product performance over time specifically by location, vendor, product or even the individual inspector. That information can be shared with partners in the supply chain for better transparency and communication.