Source Wurx, a food and beverage sector printed packaging facilitator whose services range from design and prepress to print production and ongoing oversight, has been selected by a major private label food manufacturer to enhance packaging graphics and oversee color management.

Source Wurx manages more than 8,000 SKUs for this manufacturer across various printed packaging substrates and categories, and now has been tasked with reducing graphics costs and improving lead times despite the current challenging materials and supply chain landscape. In addition to tightening production protocols, the move is expected to save the private label food manufacturer up to 50% in design and prepress costs compared to internal execution.

Source Wurx’s turnkey approach will help streamline several mission-critical processes for the private label manufacturer, including file control, flexibility, and version control. File ownership is vital in printed packaging; without it there are constraints that can impact the printed packaging supply chain. 

File versions management also is crucial in the private label space, where shifting nutrition transparency rules, ingredient formulations and overarching redesigns all demand nimbleness. To minimize confusion and hassle, Source Wurx manages version control through the coding of files in the file naming convention and on printed packaging.