As part of its ongoing dedication to animal welfare and customer needs, Gemperle Family Farms, known as an industry leader in specialty eggs, announced today its ongoing commitment to an organic and cage-free egg production future.

"At Gemperle Farms, we understand the role we have in raising chickens and providing affordable, sustainable eggs to the local food chain," Gemperle Family Farms President Steve Gemperle said. "Today's announcement reaffirms our ongoing commitment to animal welfare and providing the fresh local eggs our customers want to buy."

For more than two decades, Gemperle Farms has proudly featured cage-free and organic eggs as part of its egg production. The decision to focus on a future of cage-free and organic eggs arose from Gemperle Farms' long-standing commitment to high animal welfare standards and customer buying decisions.

"We have always appreciated consumers that support the cage-free and organic movements through their purchasing choices both at grocery stores and in restaurants," Gemperle said. "The trend we now see is that more grocers, restaurants and food manufacturers are catching on to these consumer choices. This shift will allow us to move towards a one hundred percent organic and cage-free future for Gemperle Family Farms."

Based in Stanislaus County, California, Gemperle Farms produces many varieties of eggs including specialty eggs such as browns, organic, cage-free and omega 3. All eggs are produced with science based sustainable practices. This commitment has helped Gemperle Farms become one of the finest egg producers in the country and a leader in specialty eggs for more than two decades. Gemperle Family Farms appreciates those consumers that support the production of specialty eggs from their local farmers.