FRESNO, CALIF. — Busseto Foods has rolled out a new charcuterie kit that comes with everything a host needs.

The packaging features a serving platter with a storage lid so it is easy for the consumer to stick it in the fridge to maintain food safety and pull it back out with everything still in its place.

For help with assembly, the packaging has a QR code that leads to a video tutorial that breaks down each step with images of all of the ingredients.

The 10 ingredients included are the following:

  • Busseto Aged Prosciutto
  • Busseto Italian Dry Classic Salami
  • Busseto Spanish Style Chorizo Nuggets
  • Busseto Classico Mild Salami Nuggets
  • Valley Lahvosh Crackers
  • Mike’s Hot Honey
  • Milk Chocolate Covered Almonds
  • Imported Greek Olive Medley
  • Artisan Style Asiago Cheese
  • Artisan Style Provolone Cheese

This new release follows the launch of Busseto’s Build Your Own Charcuterie Kit and California Snackin’ Mini Charcuterie in October 2022.