St Pierre Bakery has announced new, branded distribution with Walmart for three of its core product lines.

St Pierre Sliced Brioche Loaf variants have launched into 2,220 Walmart stores, while St Pierre Brioche Waffles with Butter (6 pack) are now available in more than 4,000 stores.

“This is fantastic news for the brand and the result of a collaborative relationship we have built with Walmart, creating a sound strategy and a lot of shared insight,” says David Wagstaff, managing director, St Pierre Bakery. “The St Pierre range offers authentic, high quality and consistent products that meet customer’s needs in a growing category and offer something different. What’s more, our fill rates are unrivalled – and that is crucial in the current climate.

“We have invested heavily in our supply chain to ensure we maintain our industry leading fill rates and deliver for our customers. We knew that the opportunity justified the investment, but driving distribution was key to realizing it and our products appearing on shelves in Walmart stores nationwide has helped us to do just that.”

While the St Pierre brand is typically situated in the in-store bakery, distribution through Walmart will see the loaves merchandized, for the first time, in the commercial bread aisle.

“Premiumization is a trend borne of the pandemic but it’s still gaining momentum and it’s here to stay. Changes in consumer habits mean that shoppers are not willing to compromise on quality,” Wagstaff says. “St Pierre is perfectly placed to offer our shoppers an upgrade to their usual loaf in a category where consumers are routinely ‘trading up’ to elevate at-home meals.”