Demand for fresh produce snacking products is definitely on the rise, said Steve Ware, vice president and general manager of value-added fresh for Salinas, Calif.-based Naturipe Farms.

“Consumers are increasingly focused on having products that are both convenient and good for them,” he said. “Naturipe snacks incorporate nutritious fresh berries, protein, and carbs to create a balanced snack for any time of day. Consumers are also increasingly busy in their everyday lives, and our grab-and-go options make it easy to be healthy on the move.”

Naturipe is currently offering two lines of snack products, Berry Parfaits and Bliss and Boost Bentos.

For the Berry Parfait line, Naturipe has partnered with Chobani to offer the Vanilla Crunch, a vanilla Greek yogurt with fresh blueberries and granola, and the Doubleberry Crunch, a strawberry Greek yogurt with fresh blueberries and granola, Ware said.

Both parfaits feature layers of blueberries, yogurt, and granola, all individually packaged to maintain peak freshness.

Bliss Bentos, meanwhile, are designed to give consumers a nutritious sweet treat, while Boost Bentos are a protein-packed pick-me-up.

Bliss Bentos come in three flavors: Chocolate Cheer, Salty Caramelicious and Berry Lemony. Boost Bentos come in two flavors: Sweet ‘n Crunchy and Classic ‘n Sharp.

Unlike their sweeter Bliss Bento counterparts, the Boost Bentos contain a mix of berries, nuts and cheeses to give consumers a great mix of protein, calcium, fiber, and fresh fruit, Ware said 

In the Boost Bentos category, Sweet ‘n Crunch has been the top performer. For Bliss Bentos, Berry Lemony is the consumer favorite.

Naturipe, which got into snacking-specific products just a few years ago, recently began distributing its Berry Parfaits with a new, convenient addition: an eco-friendly wooden spoon.

The Berry Parfait is Naturipe’s newest addition to its snacking lineup. Most of the feedback the company has gotten, Ware said, has been about consumers’ love for the combination of Chobani yogurt and Naturipe berries in a package that maintains quality and freshness for many days.

“Previously, consumers have had hours to enjoy a fresh berry parfait, not a week or more,” Ware said.