Fruit peelers made by Japan-based Astra Inc., which has US headquarters in Torrance, Calif., help commissaries, central kitchens and other food production facilities save labor costs, increase yields and prevent spoilage — and they’re easy to use, said Ryo Takeshita, sales manager.

Citing examples from facilities that prepare fresh-cut mangoes and apples, Takeshita said that before using the ASTRA peeler, both clients used to peel the fruits with three to five people. Now, only one person is needed.

“Since peeling is the most time-consuming role in fruit processing, our peelers can be a great method for saving labor fees,” he said. “Most clients are easily collecting the investment in a month or so.”

Unlike other peelers, Astra peelers can fit in any production space, Takeshita said.

And little training is needed to successfully operate the company’s machines.

“Just place the fruit and push start,” he said. “Sometimes we lend our machines to fruit-related tradeshows, and people use them for the first time. And every time, there are no troubles.”

astra fruit peelers peeling fruitSource: Astra Inc.