Older, inefficient commercial refrigeration door technology and worn door parts are costing retailers over $480 million annually in wasted electrical costs and contribute over six billion pounds of CO2 emissions to the environment according to a white paper recently released by Anthony®, a Dover company. The new white paper, entitled Retrofit Technology for Glass Doors, provides practical information to show how retailers can save significant operating costs by retrofitting glass doors with improved gasket materials, advanced door hold open controls and energy-free no-condensate doors. According to the paper, the new technology will provide a retailer over $2,300 in savings during the life of each retrofitted freezer door. A copy of the white paper can be downloaded at www.anthonyintl.com/en/retrofit.

Current commercial refrigeration consumes considerable energy via door heat for anticondensation and through quickly degrading gaskets that leak refrigerated air. The white paper examines new retrofit door technologies from Anthony that combat these issues including the LifePlus Gasket, a gasket material that maintains tight door seals at cold temperatures and lasts longer for less maintenance and energy waste; the Cloze Control, an advanced door hold open technology that softly closes cooler and freezer doors, further reducing gasket wear; and the Eliminaator Renu door that operates in freezer applications without door heat saving significant energy costs without sacrificing condensation prevention.

“Retailers are constantly challenged by rising energy costs, recurring maintenance expenses and increasingly stringent Federal Department of Energy requirements,” said Craig Little, president and CEO of Anthony. “The free white paper Retrofit Technology for Glass Doors offers practical ways with quick payback that will help retailers reduce energy usage, rein in operational costs and improve their bottom line. Our goal is to offer innovative cost-effective solutions, and retrofitting with these new technologies will provide immediate financial, energy and maintenance savings.”