McLane Company Inc., a leading supply chain services company providing grocery and foodservice supply chain solutions, today announced it has extended a multi-year service agreement with Speedway LLC (Speedway), the second largest chain of company-owned and -operated gasoline and convenience stores in the United States. As a result of this agreement, McLane will service Speedway’s stores located in the Eastern and Southeastern U.S.

“McLane has demonstrated both the efficiency and flexibility to rapidly absorb new stores. They have worked hand-in-hand with us through our very aggressive re-id and remodel process” says Speedway President Tony Kenney. “McLane has and will play a large role in the execution of the Speedway brand in new markets across the Eastern and Southeastern US.”

Another major driver of the agreement is McLane’s ability to effectively adapt to Speedway’s business and technology processes, saving Speedway employees time and allowing them to focus on their customers.

“McLane’s ability to support our proprietary foodservice operations as well as our Speedy Rewards program enables us to quickly bring new offerings to markets that we believe will further strengthen the Speedway brand with our new customers,” says Kenney.

Tony Frankenberger, president McLane Grocery says, “Speedway is an elite retailer committed to growing the Speedway brand in new markets. They are consumer driven as well as community service driven, both qualities we mutually share. We are excited to be selected by Speedway to be a part of their growth and success.”