In partnership with a leading Australian lupin grower, raw material supplier CK Ingredients has introduced sweet lupin flour to the North American baking and food industry. 

Non-GMO and gluten-free, sweet lupin flour features an exceptionally strong nutritional profile.  It is comprised of approximately 40 percent protein, over 30 percent fiber, and has the lowest Glycemic Index (GI) rating among common legumes and grains. 

Furthermore, a series published clinical studies have demonstrated lupin’s positive impact on blood glucose, blood pressure, cholesterol, appetite suppression and prebiotic effect. Functionally, sweet lupin offers technical advantages in bakery products (both conventional and gluten-free) and other food. This includes water-binding, emulsification, flavor and color enhancement, and partial fat and egg replacement.

Michael Chernyak, president and CEO of CK Ingredients, notes, “The nutritional profile of lupin is quite remarkable; over 70 percent of our material consists of protein and fiber, two strong value drivers at the consumer level. Marrying this with a low GI rating, impressive clinical data and technical benefits, we believe we have what could become a staple ingredient in the North America bakery and food market.”

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