What is your company most excited about heading into 2023? We asked six industry leaders.

1. Tal Shoshan, CEO, FiveStar Gourmet Foods

We are very extremely excited about the tremendous growth and the upcoming opening of our new flagship facility. Within this new campus, we will have a new state-of-the-art innovation center, which will allow our talented culinary minds to gather, collaborate, and create delicious new products. We are also really looking forward next year to introducing many new products.

2. John Anderson, chairman and CEO, Oppy

As challenges continue to emerge as we head into 2023, I am thrilled to see our industry pivot for the better by innovating and adapting to more sustainable solutions. This includes a new segment of our berry portfolio: Happy Berry hydroponic strawberries. We also look towards introducing our first-ever vertical farming partnership in the new year with UP Vertical Farms — leafy greens that use 99% less land, 99% less water and 95% less plastic than traditional clamshell packaging.

3. Tristan Simpson, founder and CEO, tristan michele marketing

While 2022 was still filled with uncertainty, I am energized that people have gained more confidence in knowing that we can overcome any adversity and challenges that life throws our way. There are harsh realities at a macro level of where we are in the food industry, but there are also so many areas of progress and continued growth. I’m excited to witness the unimaginable and celebrate the successes that have been years in the making come to fruition.

4. Drew Calvert, vice president of marketing, Niman Ranch

The past couple years have been focused on offering stability amidst a landscape of volatility. In 2023, we look forward to building off these strong fundamentals with investments in innovation. From premium product line debuts to new partner collaborations and dynamic flavors, we have an exciting series of announcements to share in the year ahead.

5. Carrie Cline, senior product manager, Inline Plastics

Inline Plastics has just launched Safe-T-Chef, the first tamper evident, tamper resistant polypropylene packaging product family for hot food applications and we are excited to see it grow in 2023.  We have had a very positive response, and to support the growth, Inline Plastics has built a dedicated manufacturing plant in Conyers, Georgia.  We look forward to this new ultra-clear, modern design product line taking us into new markets, expanding our reach into the industry.

6. Charlotte Avila, director of domestic sales and marketing, Touchstone Pistachio Co.

We’re excited about our focus and opportunity in expanding our US domestic program. We are so thrilled about moving significantly into the retail space with “The People’s Pistachio.” We’ve planned our retail efforts for a while so it is super exciting to see that come to fruition. Our attention will be on growing the category and increasing pistachio consumption.